Historical Joint Crisis

“Just because you do not take an interest in politics does not mean politics won’t take an interest in you.”

Pericles, Head Statesman and Ruler of Athens, General of the Athenian Military, Admiral of the Athenian Navy, 461-429 BCE.


Pelopon nesian War

Χαιρετίσματα (Chairetísmata) delegates, and welcome to where it all began. We all know how important Greece was to the establishment of modern political ideologies, so let’s skip the sweet talk and get to what put all that at risk: the Peloponnesian War; a time where Greece was divided in half between those who wanted a Greek Empire and those who didn’t. The original First World War, this 30-year war pitted Greece’s top militaries against each other: Athens’ navy and Sparta’s army.

The sides could not have been more balanced, and the reward was control of all Greece, something everyone at the time wanted. You have been placed in the positions of the most important people and heads of state in Greece at the time: representing different city-states and their alignments during the most turbulent time in Ancient Greek history. Not only that, but you are at war, and everything you do will have rewards and consequences that can change everything. Experience what it’s like to fight in a simpler time: when no one cared about their “international image” or “reputation,” a time where the leader was whoever had the sharpest spears and the most brilliant strategies, not whoever spoke the best. In this JCC, the limits are your own creativity and tactical expertise. We shall see you there, Kalí týchi.