For far too long and far too many women all over the world, the basic fundamental rights that every human should be able to exercise are luxuries, not givens. UN Women, also known as the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, was created by the United Nations General Assembly in July 2010. This was symbolic, because it signified a genuine and productive beginning to an era of female empowerment.

Currently, there are 45 member states that serve as members of UN Women. As a part of the UN reform agenda, the creation of UN Women expanded limits for resources and mandates in order to make waves bigger than ever before. UN Women believes, as everyone should, that gender equality is a basic fundamental human right that, if achieved, will positively affect developing socioeconomic structures worldwide. The empowerment of women stimulates growth and productivity, thus sustaining and inciting prosperous economies


Domestic Violence

For over 2000 years, being born as a female has been a curse rather than simply a fact of life. Violence against women has prevailed for many centuries and continues to persist in countries all over the world, disrupting developing socioeconomic structures worldwide. Unfortunately, it has been accepted and even condoned in many cases throughout history. One of the main roots of the problem is imbalanced power relations between men and women, and this is true for all nations struggling with violence against women in general.

In today’s historically largely male-dominated society, the world is fast changing. While formidable progress has been and is continuing to be made on the human rights front in terms of women’s rights, the world, in addition to that, is now realizing and learning to understand that empowering women economically is beneficial to the success and continued development of world economies and businesses

Much research has been found to demonstrate that empowering women to fully participate and indulge in economic life through all levels and across all sectors of economic activity is crucial to ameliorating quality of life for women, children, families, men, and communities, building and supporting strong(er) economies, instituting more socially just and stable societies, attaining goals agreed upon by the international community for the development and sustainability of human rights, and spurring business goals and operations.


Empowerment of Women in the Workplace