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PacificMUN 2019


February 22nd—24th

International Press Corps

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A Letter from the Secretary-General

Dear faculty and delegates,

Welcome to Pacific Model United Nations 2019.

PacificMUN 2018 welcomed over 600 attendees from across Western Canada and Washington state to join us for an educational simulation unlike any other. Over the course of the weekend, delegates embodied global leaders, ambassadors, and representatives as they sought to resolve pressing international conflicts. Together, delegates were able to conquer complex topic matters by employing critical thinking, public speaking, and diplomatic skills.

Although rapidly growing, PacificMUN has strived to continue to uphold its three core pillars: accessibility, innovation, and global involvement. We believe that all students, regardless of financial background, educational fortuity, skill level, or field of interest, deserve to experience the value of Model United Nations. My team and I are hard at work to ensure that PacificMUN 2019 will be a platform where all delegates are able to engage in international affairs, employ diplomatic skills, and ultimately, embody true global citizenship.

Overall, PacificMUN aims to provide all students with the opportunity to cultivate the foundational skills of research, collaboration, and leadership. In today’s era of globalization, these skills have become increasingly critical for students to grow into active global citizens. Having said this, I implore you to engage in the world of Model UN and the numerous benefits that it has to offer.

My Secretariat team and I are confident that the next iteration of PacificMUN will be the best one yet. Please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected] with any questions or concerns. We look forward to welcoming you in February.

Warm Regards,

Judith Chen
Pacific Model United Nations 2019


February 22nd — 24th


Pinnacle Harbourfront Hotel Vancouver


Beneath the Pacific Ocean


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