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Accessible, Innovative, & Globally Involved


Pacific Model United Nations

Pacific Model United Nations (PacificMUN) is a three-day high school Model United Nations conference held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Since its inception in 2014, PacificMUN has provided students with a platform to engage in international affairs, employ diplomatic skills, and ultimately, embody true global citizenship. Over the course of three days, delegates are presented with an unparalleled educational opportunity to participate in fruitful debate and discussion, and collaborate with others to achieve a comprehensive yet practical solution for some of the world’s most pressing issues.

As a conference dedicated towards creating a memorable experience for all delegates, regardless of skill level, field of interest, or financial background, Pacific Model United Nations stands on three foundational pillars:

Accessibility. Innovation. Global Involvement.


Giving everyone an opportunity

PacificMUN is a steadfast believer that all students deserve the opportunity to participate in an educational simulation such as Model United Nations. Because of this, PacificMUN aims to remain accessible to delegates regardless of financial background or educational fortuity.

Not only does PacificMUN offer incomparably affordable prices by remaining below the $200 mark, but we also strive to help students afford our conference through our Financial Aid Programme. Over the span of just two years, we are proud to say that our team has provided over $10,000 worth of aid to delegates from across world.

Additionally, PacificMUN provides assistance to schools interested in establishing Model UN clubs as well as starting-up clubs. Through the Pacific Outreach Programme, PacificMUN aids schools or clubs by providing them with delegate resources, club meeting facilitation, and conference supplies.


Evolution and Reinvention

Since its inception, PacificMUN has strived to diverge from the norm. We believe that Model UN should not just be an academic activity, but should also serve as an opportunity to create lasting memories.

To cultivate this belief, PacificMUN remains committed towards yearly reinvention of the delegate social, committees programme, and our renowned Ad Hoc committee. At PacificMUN, one can expect to partake in a memorable experience that simply cannot be matched at any other Model UN conference.

Global Involvement

Growing global citizens

Diversity and divisiveness play key roles in enhancing one’s academic experience. To ensure that all delegates are empowered to exercise their critical thinking and public speaking skills regardless of skill level or field of interest, our committees programme encompasses a diverse set of relevant and controversial topics.

Whether it be discussing the proliferation of child smugglers in Southeastern Asia or resolving the Armenian-Azerbaijan conflict, our committees team has worked hard to ensure that a variety of committees and topics are made available to our delegates.

Secretariat Team

PacificMUN 2019 Secretariat

Over the past year, ten dedicated individuals have worked through busy days and late nights to make PacificMUN 2019 a reality. While they have individual responsibilities as their title would suggest, the fact is that each member has contributed more than their title. They have contributed to the spirit of this conference, and spent their time not in the name of personal gain, but in the name of crafting a premier quality conference for delegates, sponsor teachers, and staff.

Judith Chen


Jaskirt Brar


Adam Mawji

Chief of Staff

Cindy Gao

USG of Delegate Affairs

Eli Lee

USG of Committees 1

Ethan Han

USG of Committees 2

Skyler Chan

USG of Conference

Janette Kim

USG of Marketing

Roozbeh Peykari

USG of Media & Design

Jae Wu Chun