International Press Corps


International Press Corps

The International Press Corps is a highly-acclaimed and reputable international news publishing organization that provides expository, peer-reviewed, and engaging accounts of controversial current events taking place all over the world.

Reporters will be faced with a multitude of news from a wide array of committees, respectively ranging from beginner to crisis level topics. Delegates will be assigned certain tasks throughout the conference, but will be given substantial freedom in regards to how they choose execute their assignments, whether it be through an interview, a written article, or a live newsclip. With this freedom, IPC provides reporters with a realistic experience into the realm of fast-paced and investigative journalism. Featured pieces will be published onto a PacificMUN news forum that will be accessible to all delegates during the weekend iteration.

The International Press Corps is a unique committee that challenges the typical Model UN experience. Both beginner and advanced delegates are welcome, although those with a particular interest or passion in journalism and creative writing may find this simulation to be especially rewarding.

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The International Press Corps (IPC) presents a unique Model UN experience unparalleled by any traditional committee. In the IPC, delegates represent a wide array of news agencies and will be responsible for documenting the debate and activity of the entire conference. Throughout the weekend, IPC delegates will move from committee to committee with specific assignments and responsibilities. Instead of constantly partaking in fervent debate, IPC delegates will have the liberty to report their observations through articles and videos, some of which will later be available to the entire conference on an official website. While other delegates practice diplomacy through speeches and an understanding of foreign policies, IPC reporters must exhibit a thorough grasp of their agency’s writing style and bias in their products. Delegates will be able to explore creative freedoms and practice rhetorical skills under limited time constraints. Whether it be analyzing a committee from afar in an article or closely interacting with delegates and staff members through interviews or videos, no two IPC experiences are identical.