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Proliferation of Child Smugglers in Southeastern Asia

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Reformation of Educational Curriculums to Reduce Student Absenteeism

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Composed of an elected 36 member states, the United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund is an international program devoted to protecting the wellbeing of children all around the globe. At this iteration of PacificMUN, the committee will consist of a maximum of 50 delegates. Under the mechanism of global efforts, UNICEF ensures that the most vulnerable and powerless global citizens, being children, received the assistance their marginalization necessitates.

Food, healthcare, protection and education are only the beginning of what UNICEF as an organisation aims to provide for children all around the globe – through the systems of United Nations subsidiaries and donors. UNICEF acts not only as a monetarily aiding charity, but also oversees intrinsic humanitarian aid to families caught in conflicts. UNICEF works as an organ under the General Assembly, and the Convention of the Rights of the Child functions as the underlying building block of all their goals. Such documents prioritize the quintessential development of our future generations. By granting access to underprivileged youth across nations, UNICEF ensures that teachings such as gender and racial equality, and the ability to work self-sufficiently. The United Nations Children Emergency Fund will provide a impactful, far reaching, and absolutely unforgettable debate – branching from life-threatening crises and systemic forms of disenfranchisement.