3rd Vatican City Council


Topic A

Promotion of Scientific Discussion

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Topic B

International Secularism

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Ever since the 10th century, societies, and individuals have been taking baby steps through time to distance themselves from the church and develop several atheistic ideas. As bad as that is for the church, the past popes have not done much as they should have to address the secular mindset and ideologies of the world. The year is 2020 C.E. The Catholic church has rapidly deteriorated into a relic of the past and is plagued with moral issues concerning the modern world and the church’s dogma. Observing this religious mess, the current pope has decided to announce the commencement of the Third Vatican Council.

The Third Vatican Council is a futuristic simulation where all the Catholic leaders of the world gather together in the Vatican to discuss moral issues that the church currently faces, and what it decides shall be a mandate for all Catholics across the world. However, this does not mean the decisions it makes will become the official law in other countries, but it may shape the views people have on the Catholic church.

With all of this in mind, the Third Vatican Council is an advanced committee that will follow standard MUN Rules of Procedure. Like most committees, delegates should submit their position papers to qualify for awards.