Mock Session Topics

Janette Kim — USG of Marketing 2019

November 23, 2018

MUN is a diverse platform for delegates to discuss world events that pertain to all backgrounds. Listed below are sample topics that may be discussed during mock sessions. In addition, topics that will be discussed at PacificMUN 2019 are equally great examples of topics for mock sessions. These topics range from social issues to military issues that the UN is currently facing, thus, they will provide insight and depth into your knowledge of current events.

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Social topics for Mock sessions tends to be the most beginner friendly for attracting in delegates. For one, most people have a solid opinion on these matters and will be able to project these ideas as they represent a country. In addition, these issues are highlighted on a day to day basis in the media and society so research is minimal.

Rights of the LGBTQ Community
The War on Drugs
Equality of Women in the Workplace
Immigration and Refugee policies
Organ Trafficking
Child Labour and trafficking in developing areas


Economic topics are a very niche and hard topic to bring interest in delegates. It is encouraged to be used when there is a solid foundation of the working of world economies or when delegates have a passion for these matters. Many topics trickle into other categories as well which will ease the debate of these topics. Mock sessions and Model United Nations Clubs may tend to use these topics not to introduce but to enhance delegate’s abilities.

Growing inequality and wealth gap in the world
Methods of uplifting poverty in developing countries
Cryptocurrencies and digital economies
The role of the Public Sector in businesses and economies


Many delegates may be familiar with environmental issues having been exposed to many of these issues either at school or in the media. However, debate both sides of the argument whether it be promoting of economies or environment may have a hard time with many delegates. Delegates may need to debate opinions or ideas that are contradicting of their own ideas and thus environmental issues are encouraged to be used when introducing the world of MUN to delegates.

Promotion of Green technology
Fossil fuel reliance


Technology is becoming increasingly more important in the status quo. Technological subjects may be interesting for delegates as these topics unknowingly play a large role in the world. It is also great for debate as many ethical concerns may be brought up. Certain delegates will find this topic extremely interesting, but it may seem foreign to others.

The role of Big Data in society
The use of drone technology
The development of autonomous robots and vehicles
Regulated research into Artificial Intelligence


Political issues are once again a very big niche with the world of Model United Nations. Many may lose interest within these topics but with a enough direction political debates often question the core moral beliefs of countries. Political debates are encouraged to be used once delegates are beginning to feel comfortable debating.

Fighting corruption in the Public Sector
Money Laundering and the Evasion of taxes
Creating alternative forms of representation in democratic agencies
Veto Power within the United Nations


Military topics are also very beginner friendly as many delegates will have had exposure to these topics. Debate is also very easy as many of these topics are quite often polarizing. It is quite often simple to pick a bloc and work together to form a strong argument. Delegates debating this topic will not only be introduced to the world of Model United Nations in the form of a simple and understandable topic but will develop essential skills such as the act of diplomacy and public speaking in mock sessions.

The civil war in Yemen
The civil war in Syria
Border Security in the Middle East
Combating illegal arms trade in unstable regions
Nuclear Proliferation
Chemical and Biological Proliferation